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Industrial Degreasers
Medical Device Cleaning Machines
  • Medical tube cleaning machines
  • Laparoscopic tube cleaning machine
  • Nested tube cleaning equipment
  • Capillary tube cleaners
  • Wound tube cleaning
  • Oxygen tube cleaning equipment
Small Lumen Cleaning

Medical Tubes are perfect for producing vapor. Where there is high surface area to fluid volume, vapor bubbles nucleate and grow. This action flushes the tubes. See more.

Pipe Treatments

See the video as to what you can do with VCN.

Tube Cleaning Equipment

No more manifolding or multistep processes. Adding VCN processing to our Airless Degreasers removes oils, grease and chips automatically.

We have both solvent and liquid vapor degreasers  and aqueous tube cleaners. Our degreasers can come with spray, jetting, circulation, flushing or ultrasonic cleaning. Our highest performance is attained using the VCN process in a vacuum vapor degreaser.

Vacuum degreasing assures that all surfaces receive solvent with no trapped air. Operating in a vacuum degreaser, liquid solvent or aqueous solutions can form vapor on the tube surface that removes dissolved contaminant or particles. Combined with complete cleaner recycling, our solvent degreasers are efficient and cost effective.

The above video shows how the VCN process can clean your tubes.