• Heavy parts degreasers
  • Landing gear degreaser
  • Struts cleaning machine
  • Transmission parts cleaner
  • Engine vapor degreasers
  • Engine parts washer
  • Electronics cleaning machine
  • Fuel injector liquid degreasers
  • Tube cleaning equipment
  • Honeycomb degreasers
  • Maskant liquid degreasers
  • Grease vapor degreasers

Vapor degreasing is the fastest way to clean large parts. The problem generally is that vapor degreasers take too much time to bring vapor back after a part is placed in a vapor degreaser and half the time is wasted waiting for vapor to recover while no cleaning is being accomplished. We recommend using a vacuum vapor degreaser (Airless degreaser) because of the vapor degreasing efficiency. Read more about our Airless vacuum vapor degreasing efficiency. When required, we cool parts and continue vapor degreasing until the parts are cleaned. Even with multiple vapor degreasing steps, our vapor degreasing machines have high throughput. Read more on the performance of our vacuum vapor degreasers.

Parts with dead end holes, side channels, nested or internal surfaces usually are difficult to clean with just vapor. Here we recommend our patented Vacuum Cycling Nucleation (VCN) process  sometimes in combination with ultrasonics. Either aqueous or solvent ultrasonic cleaning can follow the VCN process if required for very dirty external surfaces. VCN assures clean internal surfaces. Where ultrasonic damage can occur, the VCN process alone can clean the internal and external surfaces gently to avoid damage.

Parts with high temperature requirements? You need not worry. High boiling point chlorinated solvents can still be used within our Vacuum Vapor Degreasers. The NESHAP and SCAQMD allow regulated solvents when emissions are kept to a low level.  Read more about our low emission degreasers below.

High Capacity

Our systems can add extra heat to a system requiring rapid heat up time of heavy loads. We generally design for cleaning times between 10 and 30 minutes.

Solvent VCN Systems

Solvent VCN systems combine the capabilities of an Airless degreaser with the power of the VCN process.


Low Emissions

Our Vacuum Vapor Degreasing System are completely closed looped systems. Emissions can escape only when opening the chamber. Because of this, our Vacuum Vapor Degreasing Systems have practically zero emissions.

Tube Cleaning Equipment

No more manifolding or multistep processes. Adding VCN processing to our Airless Degreasers removes  oils, grease and chips automatically

Check out the below video for a demonstration of VCN Rapid Cleaning (Aircraft & Aerospace Degreasing).