Additive Manufacturing Binder Removal From Binder Jet Printed Parts

Rapid Post Process For Additive Manufacturing Binder Removal


Debinding feedstock extrusion and binder jetting 3D printing parts is an important step in the parts post processing. Typically, binder is removed to a level where porosity is created to provide paths so the remaining binder can be burned off during sintering. TheĀ VCN Process is a fast, environmentally safe, cost effective way to remove binder. The EPA allows chlorinated and other NESHAP solvents within our VCN systems because of the low emissions recorded in our systems over the last 25 years.

This video shows a 3D binder being removed using the VCN process. The removal, that generally requires from 5 to 10% to be effective for successful sintering, is 60% in 30 minutes . The cycle would be less than 5 minutes if less than 10% were removed. The part is only exposed to growing vapor that is very gentle and does not damage the most delicate part.