Our aqueous processing takes place in a vacuum chamber which allows us to have complete process control whether the application requires VCN, agitation, spray, ultrasonics or other process enhancements. Our machines are custom designed to meet the customer’s specific requirements regarding performance, footprint, throughput and cost of ownership. Vacuum processing also provides low cost drying performance.

Ultrasonic Cleaning

Our ultrasonic cleaning machines use rod transducer for greater performance. Bonded transducers lose energy when passing through a solid wall and radiate in only one direction often creating dead spots in the tank. Rod transducers deliver 100% energy and radiate 360 degrees for full tank coverage. Transducers tend to debond from the cleaning chamber over a few years. Replacing the transducers can be expensive and cause down time. Rod transducers are easily replicable with no work needed on the tank.

Cleaning Internal Surfaces of Your Part

Ultrasonic cleaning equipment often cannot effectively reach parts packed in the center of a tank. In this case, we recommend our VCN process. As shown in the video, vapor forms throughout the basket of parts. Vapor circulates spent solution out to the bulk fluid and brings fresh fluid to center parts while providing efficient uniform agitation for effective cleaning.