Ultrasonic and VCN Cleaning

Combine Ultrasonics with the VCN process to clean your part inside and outside

Up until now we have only been able to use external cleaning methods to clean our parts. When we are challenged with removing oils, grease or other contaminants within pores, dead end holes or tubes, ultrasonics or jet spray are generally our best choice.

Ultrasonics, since sonics cannot penetrate solid surfaces, and sprays are line of sight cleaning methods. If we cannot see the contaminant, we usually don’t clean it. Treatments following cleaning such as passivation, sterilization and other surface treatment processes are not effective on dirty internal surfaces.

When interior cleaning of your part is required, we recommend using the VCN process with our ultrasonic cleaning system.

The video demonstrates how combining VCN and ultrasonics into one unit can clean the inside and outside of your part. We generally subject your part to the VCN process first. After typically VCN processing for 1 to 2 minutes, an ultrasonic cycle completes the cleaning. For difficult parts, alternating one to two-minute VCN and ultrasonic cycles is recommended.