Additive Manufacturing Support Material Removal

Additive manufacturing surface finishing has reached a new level with the use of the VCN process. All other additive manufacturing post processing support removal systems deliver fluids to remove 3D printing resins from the outside of a part and then need to wait for swirling fluid, ultrasonics, dunk and drain or spray to try a move the fluid from the part. Tight areas, tortuous paths, dead end spaces and deep internal locations all prevent mechanical external mechanisms from removing hidden resins that either need hours or days to dissolve and diffuse from the part or are never removed and can cause part failure. Vacuum assures that all areas are reached by preventing trapped air from isolating resin from solution and the VCN process continuously removes resin and replenishes spent solution for rapid surface cleaning. The fast process prevents long time parts exposure to harmful solutions and keeps your part within the high tolerance intended.

Video shows the removal of resin from 3D printed parts. The unit in the field removes excess resin with the part still on the build plate. The process is done in 2 minutes to prevent the solvent from dissolving the parts’ structure.