About Vaccum Processing Systems

Vacuum Processing Systems, LLC (VPS) headquartered in Rhode Island and is managed by Dr. Donald Gray and Joe Schuttert. Don and Joe have been working together designing and building cleaning systems since 1994. Don Gray held the position of professor of chemical engineering for over thirty years. Upon his recent retirement he and Joe decided to start their own company. Don and Joe have over 2 decades each designing and building cleaning systems that have solved both cleaning and environmental challenges. As a holder of 12 cleaning related patents, Don Gray brings some unique perspectives to the industrial parts cleaning market. Don invented the vacuum-to-vacuum solvent cleaning process, which is recognized by the USEPA as being over 95% effective in solvent recovery, and was awarded the US EPA’s coveted Environmental Excellence award. Don’s vacuum-to-vacuum solvent designs have ranged from under one cubic for to over 700 cubic feet in process chamber size and can utilize a wide variety of solvents both flammable and non-flammable. 

Another of Don’s inventions is the Vacuum Cycle Nucleation (VCN) process, which is an immersion process suited to both aqueous and solvent cleaning applications. VCN functions by modulating the pressure in the process chamber above and below the vapor pressure of the cleaning solution, causing millions of small bubbles to form and burst at the contamination sites. The VCN process has been shown to be non-damaging to surfaces and requires lower chemical concentrations to achieve the desired level of cleanliness. Whether being used in solvent or aqueous based application the vacuum nature on the VCN process assures that cleaning takes place in the most difficult to reach areas and also assures that once cleaned, these difficult areas can be quickly dried. 

Joe Schuttert holds a degree in biology and after retiring form a successful career in the pharmaceutical industry was attracted to the environmental, health and safety aspects of Don Gray’s vacuum-to-vacuum solvent process. Joe’s experiences in dealing with government environmental agencies was important in the positive response these agencies have afforded Dr. Gray’s designs. Joe manages the sales for VPS and has placed many successful cleaning systems in areas such as Aerospace, Medical, Electronics, Optical, Tubing and Semi-Conductor to name a few. 

VPS recognizes that any cleaning project must ultimately make money for its owner. A close examination of the cost of ownership is always a part of the design process at VPS.

We have an extensive history in both aqueous and solvent applications and hold no bias toward any particular cleaning chemistry. We consult with our clients and decide on a process and confirm our decision in our applications lab. Once this is done a preliminary design and budget price can be offered.

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