In some cases, nothing can replace hand cleaning. On some parts however nothing can be better than an automated cleaning system. Generally, the cleaning process goes through a number of steps during cleaning. Enzyme treatments with Protease, a‐Amylase, Lipase and Cellulose solutions all assist in the break down of various contaminants encountered on surgical instruments.

Following enzyme treatments there can be multiple washes with different pH cleaners, multiple rinses and sterilization. The VCN process is perfect for multiple cleaning solutions where one treatment is recycled and the part and chamber are dried to receive the next treatment. The VCN process can reach all areas of the device and will clean most devices needing tube cleaning, porous areas and tight area cleaning.

One processing tank can be serviced with as many support solution holding tanks as required and with built in recipes, the process can treat the device with what ever solution and time required to assure proper processing.

Our aqueous cleaning machines can clean parts without disassembly. The trocar above was cleaned after disassembly into two parts. As shown on the left, typically the trocar is cleaned after being separated into eleven different parts. The process simplifies the cleaning to save time and to eliminate human error.