Low Emissions

This low emissions solvent cleaning system replaced an open top vapor degreaser that emitted 375,000 lbs. per year of perchloroethylene. The Vacuum to Vacuum system uses less than 500 lbs. of PCE annually.

  • This machine cleans aircraft honeycomb. Because of the light weight of aluminum, the machine also uses superheated vapors and vacuum for drying.
  • Airless Vacuum Degreasers are BACT Rated meaning that this is the best compliance solvent machine on the market.
  • This machine is located in southern California and uses perchloroethylene because the honeycomb contains wax and a high temperature is required to melt the wax and clean the part.
  • The SCAQMD allows chlorinated solvents in Southern California if the emissions are near zero as done in the Vacuum Vapor Degreaser.
  • The link below shows a list for companies that are approved solvent degreasing equipment manufacturers. Within the list, only two are vapor degreasing companies both started by us. After our startup, the other company has been sold.

South Coast Air Quality Management District List of
Low-VOC Cleaning Materials & Equipment