Aqueous Cleaning of Stainless Steel Pipe Fittings

Pipe fittings like pipes can be difficult to clean internally. Oils generally need to be dissolved in solvents to assure complete cleaning and even then pooled solvents when dried can deposit non volatile oils back on the fitting. Tumbling is not often an option since parts could be damaged. Aqueous cleaning is now an option using the VCN process.

1. Emulsified oils are removed from the internals of a fitting using gentle VCN agitation.

2. Continuous skimming removes contaminant from the cleaning chamber.

3. A thorough rinse is assured using VCN thus preventing water spotting.

4. Vacuum drying produces a dry, cooled part.

5. No more damage from tumbling or ultrasonics.

6. Lower required surfactant concentrations can result in substantial savings.

The video shows the effective cleaning and rinsing of various fittings demonstrating the effectiveness of the VCN process independent of the part shape or size.