Small Parts Cleaner

How To Clean Small Surfaces With Interior Surfaces

Small parts can often be more difficult to clean than large parts when internal surfaces are encountered. Small parts naturally can have smaller holes or channels. Small VCN aqueous units can solve the problem. Units can come with custom designed chambers up to 3 gallons capacity. The low cost and savings in manual labor makes the return on investment attractive. The units, being 2’ wide by 4’ long are completely portable and can be wheeled into various location needing only 2 gallons per minute water and 208 to 480V. With an easy-to-use multiple screen HMI, the units are plug and use and typical cleaning cycles are less than 3 minutes including unit heat up time.

This unit is a 6” diameter unit that can submerge a 12” high part and holds 1.5 gallons of aqueous solution. Typical cleaning times are from 1 to 2 minutes.