Solvent Degreasing Equipment

Our solvent degreasing equipment is allowed by both the EPA National Emissions Standard for Hazardous Air Pollutants (NESHAP) and the South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD). Our solvent systems have superior process performance for vapor degreasing, immersion with or without ultrasonics, and the exciting performance of VCN. Vacuum solvent technology also provides superior safety , health and environmental performance and is recognized by the USEPA as being 95% efficient . Our founder Dr. Donald Gray is the designer and holder of the original patents of the vacuum degreasing process.

Low Emission Vacuum Degreasers

Our Vacuum Vapor Degreasing System are completely closed looped systems. Emissions can escape only when opening the chamber. Because of this, our Vacuum Vapor Degreasing Systems have practically zero emissions. Learn more

Cleanroom Use

Our Vacuum Vapor Degreasing System are completely closed looped systems. Emissions can escape only when opening the chamber. Because of this, our Vacuum Vapor Degreasing Systems have practically zero emissions. Learn more

High Capacity

Our systems can add extra heat to a system requiring rapid heat up time of heavy loads. We generally design for cleaning times between 10 and 30 minutes. Learn more

Multiple Chambers

Multiple cleaning chamber systems use one support system for two or more chambers. Dual systems clean almost twice the load at a fraction increase in capital cost. Learn more

Flammable Solvent Safe Systems

Our flammable systems come with an NFPA report outlining the design principles used to attain a safe system for the use of a flammable solvent. Our designs are accepted by the NFPA, Factory Mutual and local fire marshals. Learn more

Work Area Safety

Our Vacuum Degreasing Systems are designed to contain less than 25 ppm in the degreaser prior to opening the chamber door. EPA testing consistently measured less than 3 ppm at the degreasing chamber lid. Learn more

Low Solvent Usage

Vacuum Vapor Degreasing Systems typically recovers 99.9% of vapor and liquid solvent from the chamber during the drying process. Learn more

Better Cleaning Efficiency

Temperature is an important parameter when considering cleaning efficiency. Higher temperatures lower the viscosity of both the contaminant and solvent. Higher temperatures also promote faster solvent condensing and greater flushing volumes of solvent. Our Airless Degreasing Systems can be optimized to operate at the highest, safest temperature for your particular cleaning equipment. Learn more

Tube Cleaning Equipment

No more manifolding or multistep processes. Adding VCN processing to our Airless Degreasers removesĀ  oils, grease and chips automatically. Learn more

Flexible Temperature

Because our Vacuum Vapor Degreasing System units operate under full vacuum, the solvent in the system is boiling at any temperature. Our systems can operate at temperatures lower than the normal boiling point of a solvent allowing the use of the correct solvent at the correct temperature. Learn more

Custom Degreasing Machines

Multiple cleaning chambers or multiple support tanks allow for fast multiprocessing systems. Learn more

Vacuum Drying

Vacuum drying is a value added feature on all our systems. When needed, heated air dry can be added so that no additional drying equipment is needed. Learn more

Reduced Waste

Our vacuum systems utilize vacuum during distilling and solvent recovery. The solvent remaining after distilling can generally get to 10% solvent. Elimination of water mixing with solvent prevents acid formation and breakdown of the solvent. Learn more

Reduced Reporting and Permit Costs

Vacuum Processing Systems designs systems so that emissions fall under the minimum permit requirements. Generally, this requires only the reporting of annual solvent usage. Since solvent usage is reduced 95% or more, as opposed to open top vapor degreasing, little record keeping and paperwork isĀ required when utilizing Vacuum-To-Vacuum Degreasing System compared to open top vapor degreasing. Learn more

Excellent Drying

Our Vacuum Vapor Degreasing Systems utilize vacuum drying. Vacuum levels are so deep that solvent actually boils off the parts since heat is held in the parts. This heat source along with deep vacuum levels ensures all solvent removal from the part and chamber. Learn more

Solvent VCN Systems

Solvent VCN systems combine the capabilities of an Airless degreaser with the power of the VCN process. Learn more