Multiple Chamber Cleaning Systems

Multi Chamber Systems increase capacity and allow for a continuous flow of material through the cleaning process. A 20 minute cleaning cycle has parts removed every 10 minutes with a dual system.

Dual systems have 2 processing chambers using 1 vacuum pump,1 solvent cleaner supply tank, 1 distillation vessel and 1 clean holding tank. It’s like getting 2 systems for a fraction increase in the cost of a single system.

A dual system increases throughput roughly 90%. Adding a third chamber increases the dual unit throughput roughly an additional 80%. Adding automation simulates an inline degreaser.

Multiple treatments can be added by adding support tanks. Aqueous systems generally have a DI rinse holding tank as well as a cleaner tank. A third tank can be added for passivation or corrosion inhibitor application. In medical units hydrogen peroxide or peracetic acid treatment for sterilizing.

Because our systems dry completely there is no cross contamination of the chemistries. A solvent for instance could be used to clean and an aqueous corrosion inhibitor can follow without mixing the chemistries. Adding support tanks is like getting an extra process for a fraction of the price.