Low Solvent Usage

Solvent usage would include emissions, solvent retained I waste generation and solvent breakdown within the system. Our Airless degreasing systems reduce emissions by over 95% (See also: Low Emissions).

The waste can be reduced to less than 10% solvent since vacuum distilling can extract solvents from waste at a much greater rate than atmospheric distillers (See also: Reduced Waste).

Solvent breakdown is caused by water being present in the system with solvent. Water will react with many solvents forming acids that eventually will start to damage parts and equipment. This is accelerated when the solvent is heated for cleaning.

The water gets into enclosed systems when atmospheric air is cooled. At cold surfaces, water (dew) condenses on the surface and mixes with the solvent. In an Airless system, when the air is removed prior to contact with solvent, all water is removed as well. This means that the solvent lasts for a long time.