Additive Manufacturing Resin Removal For Photopolymerization Printed Parts

Additive manufacturing post support material removal for SLA, DLP or other photopolymerization printing methods still lack the cleaning process equipment necessary to keep up with the faster production capable from these methods. The present cleaning methods need to use low temperature solvents like isopropyl alcohol to prevent dissolution of the parts structure during cleaning. The VCN process is such a fast, thorough cleaning method, that higher temperatures can be used to decrease the cleaning time even further. Field units use from 15 seconds to 2-minute VCN cleaning times.

The above video shows a standard VCN Cycle that generally requires from 3 to 10 minutes to complete door to door. The cycle shown is roughly 5 minutes with 1 minute in contact with solvent and complete drying of the parts and chamber. 

Rapid Post Process For Additive Manufacturing Resin Removal