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Solvent Tube Cleaning

Vacuum Processing Systems sells VACUUM TO VACUUM solvent systems that are the only solvent systems that meet the National Air Emission Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants: Halogenated Solvent Cleaning; Final Rule. Don Gray, the president of VPS Corp., designed, patented (see Technology) and sold VACUUM TO VACUUM starting in 1993. Within the Final Rule, studies have shown a reduction of 97% emissions are achieved. See STUDY RESULTS.

A VCN solvent system is a VALUE ADDED Vacuum to Vacuum system that exceeds all NESHAP for Solvent Cleaning Machines emission limits. Tube manufacturers no longer need to be exempt and can clean better with not only solvent savings but very high labor costs savings. No more time consuming manifolding required.

The video show bearings being process in a solvent . All surfaces are wetted and vapor bubbles are cleaning all surfaces. Testing showed excellent cleaning with no surface or part to part damage.