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Leaching From Porous Metal Filter

Vacuum Cycling Nucleation (VCN) for internal cleaning of parts:

  • VCN works inside tight offsets. On the initial vacuum air is removed from the internals of the part.
  • On the initial pressure cycle fluid is forced into the void spaces within the part.
  • On the subsequent vacuum cycles vapor bubbles grow inside the part and force fluid from the internals of the part.
  • Reactant chemicals, soluble material, particles and surfactant micelles are purged from the part during this cycle.
  • On the subsequent pressure cycles fluid reenters the part’s internals bringing fresh treatment chemicals.
  • Cycling continues until the part is fully processed.
  • The picture depicts the process.
  • The video shows some applications.



The video shows vapor bubble formation within an internal porous matrix. The porous part behaves like a sponge during the pulsing VCN process. Fluid is expelled from the part during the vacuum cycle as when squeezing a sponge and then the pores are filled with fresh fluid during the pressure cycle as when a sponge is submerged in a fluid.

Nucleation selectively forms in the holes, trenches, and under particles - where convective heat transfer is restricted, thus allowing nucleation to progress unabated.