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Tube Processing in Aqueous Solution

VCN for Tube Cleaning

No more hazardous cleaners required with the VCN process. Lower labor costs with the elimination of manifolding tubes for internal cleaning fluid flow. Reduced water and waste disposal costs.

VCN Advantages for Tube Cleaning

  1. Uniform internal cleaning
  2. VCN bubble action great for particle removal
  3. No manifolding necessary
  4. VCN performs bulk fluid turnover inside tubes
  5. Efficient VCN rinse
  6. Surfactant cleaning is effective
  7. Low hydrogen peroxide concentration cleaning
  8. Multiple processes performed in 1 tank
  9. Complete vacuum drying
  10. Solvent VCN systems are closed loop

Aqueous Tube Processing The video shows how tubes can be uniformly cleaned in the VCN process, independent of tube size or length. The second half of the video demonstrates how rapid surface treatment can be performed and how VCN can control the process rate since most of the treatment is done during the vacuum cycle.