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Vacuum Processing Systems Cleans Microscopic Holes with Unique Process

Vacuum Processing Systems (VPS), East Greenwich, Rhode Island, has successfully installed its patented VCN™ Technology at Waters Corporation's Milford, Massachusetts Micro-Machining Department Using alternating vacuum agitation , the cleaning technology is used to remove submicron particulate matter and debris from Waters' parts and components in a controlled vacuum chamber, and then they're dried in the same chamber.

The submicron particles accumulate on Waters' components during the manufacturing process. These metal components are used in the assembly of Waters' well known Life Science Instrumentation.

According to Gene Berthiaume, Mgr., Waters Engineering Manufacturing, "Within the analytical instrument arena, we are constantly challenged to clean parts with larger than normal i/d, aspect ratios. Conventional processes, employing ultrasonics and the like simply have not proven effective".

"We need a disruptive agitation technology where the physics are working in our favor. Our initial experiments caused contamination to surfaces in parts that we thought to be clean. This is quite a shocking, but not surprising result. Now, after six months in real world application, we're convinced this VPS technology has application in a vast number of fields. It simply works where nothing else has succeeded", Berthiaume said.

Tests have shown that the VPS cleaning system has reduced processing time, rejection rates, is completely automated and has reduced chemistry consumption by 200%.

Waters Corp. is a publically traded corporation (NYSE : WAT) headquartered in Milford, MA, and holds worldwide leading positions in complementary analytical technologies - liquid chromatography - mass spectrometry - rheometry and microcalorimetry

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