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D&F Screw Machine products of East Hanover, NJ produces high value precision machined plastic parts. After machining the parts are covered with machine oil. For years D&F Screw had relied on an aqueous system that could effectively clean only a portion of their part mix. However, alternative methods had to be used to clean more complicated geometries such as deep and/or blind holes. In 2003, Dave Moore, D & F Screw's owner, decided to replace the old aqueous degreaser with a state of the art low emissions solvent unit. After an extensive search, Dave decided on a Vacuum to Vacuum machine, designed by Dr. Don Gray, the solvent of choice was TCE.

Dr. Gray's design was one that allowed a single solution to D&F Screw's needs, and has worked well for many years cleaning and drying the complex plastic parts faster and better that the old machine . Dr. Gray’s design is known throughout the industry for producing some of the best "zero emission" machines, and has provided D & F Screw with years of reduced solvent usage and emissions. Recently, Dave decided that he would move his operation to a new location "a few miles down the road".

Although, the Vacuum to Vacuum design had been operating well below USEPA and New Jersey DEP limits, relocating the degreaser would require a new permit. Repermitting TCE machine was proving to be a cumbersome and lengthy process..

At this point Dave contacted Dr. Gray who was now operating his own company, Vacuum Processing Systems (VPS). After discussions with the NJ DEP, Dr. Gray and Scott Mondi of Poly Systems, Inc., it was decided that converting the machine ton-Propyl Bromide (nPB) would satisfy the NJDEP, provide a satisfactory level of cleaning and improve the permitting process.

With the new permit in place, the machine was moved to its new location, loaded with Poly Systems' SOLVON product and after some minor software and temperature setting adjustments , the machine was started up and began providing the performance required by D & F Screw's part mix.

Dave Moore reports, “Things have gone well since the move and the machine is working flawlessly. I have noticed a significant drop in the amount of solvent going to the carbon drum, next to nothing. The parts are drying better, faster and there is no solvent smell or excessive odor left on the parts or in the shop. Decimeter readings around the degreaser support these observations."

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